Frequent questions

How to order a Custom Disney Pixar Album?

Step 1 : Choose between 11 and 15 photos that you would like to include in your album.

Step 2 : In the "Special order instructions" section in the shopping cart, add any details that we should take into account, such as eye color, hair or other relevant details.

Step 3 : Selection of the best photos. From the photos you send, we will select the 11 best to convert in Pixar style.

Step 4 : Before placing your order, write to us via chat or email ( 2 ideas for additional imaginary photos that we will include in your album. For example: in the place where you met, doing an activity that you like, on vacation in a special place, with your pets, etc.

Step 5 : Once we have your photos, we will contact you within a maximum of 72 hours to confirm that you like the designs.

Step 6 : After receiving your approval, we will proceed to create your album with the selected photos. Then, we will send the album to your home. The estimated delivery time will be 3-6 business days after the images have been made. This will depend on the logistics and demand of the moment.

If you have any additional questions or need help during the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When will I receive my Album?

Total delivery time for your personalized Disney Pixar style album is 5 to 8 days. This process is divided into two parts: first, the creation of the images, which is completed within 72 hours after receiving your order. Subsequently, we proceed to shipping, which is completed within a period of between 3 and 6 business days. Thus, we guarantee an efficient and quality service, delivering your personalized album in an optimal time.

What does the Disney Pixar Digital Album include?

The Disney Pixar Style Custom Album includes all the custom designs you need to create your own album. This involves 9 unique designs based on the 9 photographs you send us. To ensure you are completely satisfied, we provide you with up to 3 different variants of each photo. In addition, we will send you the album cover, where the protagonists of the images will be highlighted. All images will be delivered by email to guarantee optimal printing quality.

How to order a Disney Pixar Custom Digital Album?

To order your personalized Disney Pixar-style album, simply download the "FreePrints Photobooks" app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once installed, upload all the Disney Pixar style designs that we have created for you, along with all your photographs. Select the album in square format and start dragging the images on the pages according to your preference. You can then customize it to your liking. Once you are satisfied with the result, simply place your order and pay the shipping costs. That easy!

Can I see beforehand how my designs will look?

This is impossible. And we explain why. The reason is that we do not design these images automatically. Our creation process is divided into two parts. First we design your images based on descriptions with the DALL-E 3 Artificial Intelligence system. And then, we optimize these designs with Photoshop and Canva Pro to obtain better results. The average duration to design each album is estimated at 3/4 hours. For this reason, we provide you with examples from other people so you can see how your photographs could turn out.

Are shipments made to the Canary Islands?

Indeed. Shipments are made to the entire peninsula. The only difference is in the delivery time (between 4 and 9 business days).

Can an order be canceled?

Of course. We understand that changes in plans may arise. For this reason, yes, you can cancel your order if you do so within the first hour after making the purchase. If you decide to cancel after this period, unfortunately, it will not be possible unless we have not yet started working on the custom layouts for your photos. The reason is that it is a personalized product and we invest many hours in designing your photos.

What happens if I don't like the result?

We are sure that the result will not leave you indifferent. However, we offer you guarantees in this situation. In the event that you have ordered an album, if there are 2 or 3 photos that you do not like, they could be modified without any inconvenience. If we had to modify more, we would have to evaluate the changes to see if it is possible to do so. For other products, we generally send up to 3 different designs so you can choose the one you like the most.