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Custom Disney Pixar Digital Album

Custom Disney Pixar Digital Album

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Discover the magic of our personalized albums in digital format. Combine your memories with the magic of the world of Disney Pixar. This album is an unforgettable, unique and personal memory. This makes it the ideal gift for the special people in your life such as friends, family and pets.

We send your designs in digital format, offering you up to three options for each of the photos we have selected . Shipping is done via email and images are sent in png format to ensure optimal quality. This freedom of choice allows you to customize the album in a unique way. On the other hand, we refer our clients to the company "PhotoBooks FreePrints" , which exactly matches the number of designs we will make. You will only have to pay the shipping costs.

The final album will consist of 9 real photos that we transform in the charming Disney Pixar style, bringing your memories to life in a magical and emotional way. Additionally, we include 2 photos with imaginary settings at the beginning and end of the album, carefully chosen to add unique sentimental value, along with the striking cover.

How to place your order?

Step 1: Upload your photos or email them to us.

  • Choose 9 photos to include in your album. You can send us up to 13 images so that we can select the ones that look best in Disney Pixar animation.

Step 2: Answer our questions

  • If you have any questions you can write to us through chat. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Regarding the additional designs we are talking about, they are designs that would go after the cover and on the last page . And in this case, it is possible to either include personalized designs in Disney Pixar or original photographs that you have sent and that we have not used to recreate. Here we leave you a couple of examples: (a couple with an electric blue BMW 1 Series car and a couple paddle surfing with their dog)

Step 5: Confirmation of photos

  • Once we have your photos, we will email them to you within 72 hours.


Please note that our custom Disney Pixar-style recreations are carefully designed to capture the essence and charm of the original characters. However, due to the nature of each design and technical limitations, variations will exist compared to the original images. We are committed to bringing you the best quality possible, but please note that recreations will never be exactly identical to the original characters. This allows us to keep prices affordable for you. Please note that a maximum of 3 people can appear in each image to preserve as much detail as possible . Thanks for your understanding!

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