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Semi-gloss Paper Poster - Custom Disney Pixar

Semi-gloss Paper Poster - Custom Disney Pixar

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Immerse yourself in a fantasy world with our exclusive collection of completely personalized posters in the unmistakable Disney Pixar style. Experience art that feels silky to the touch thanks to our classic, lightweight, high-quality semi-gloss paper. With our designs focused on communions we seek to surprise those children about to take another step in their life. With the option to include names, pets, and any background you like. A completely personalized gift adapted to your needs.


- 170 g/m²/65 lb paper weight to create long-lasting prints that stay in perfect condition over the years.

- We use FSC certified paper or equivalent certifications depending on regional availability, promoting a better option for both people and the planet.

- Each poster is shipped in sturdy packaging, ensuring it reaches your hands in pristine condition.

- Paper sizes may vary slightly by region. In the United States and Canada, measurements are expressed in inches, while in the rest of the world, centimeters are used.

- Discover freedom to personalize your space with the magic of your favorite Disney Pixar characters. Whether recreating a real-life scene or designing an imaginary, fictional environment, each poster is a unique work that captures the essence of your dreams.

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